What is your 90 Night Tryout?

Some people adjust to a new mattress faster than others. We want to be sure you have the time to get your best night’s sleep, every night. So when you buy direct from us, we give you 90 nights to try sleeping on your new mattress.



If I live outside the U.S., can I order online?

Yes, however you will be charged for shipping costs.




Do you charge me sales tax?

Yes, by law, we must charge sales tax for orders placed in any municipality that requires sales tax.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) through Paypal secure payment system.

Do you offer financing?
Yes, you can get 6 months, no interest special financing through Paypal Credit. For more information, click here.
How is Cuddle Mattress delivered?

Cuddle Mattress shipped in a compact box and delivered at your door. 

How long will it take to get my products?

Pre-orders are being processed within 6 weeks and shipping is about 2-7 business days.

Due to high demand and limited production, all orders received by the 20th of each month will be shipped by the end of the following month, thus, order processing will take about up to 7 weeks.

Do you ship to foreign countries?

Yes, we do ship internationally. International customers pay for shipping and is free only for U.S. residents.

In the near future, we will be able to work with local distributors to reduce the cost of shipping for international customers.


I do not see shipping charges specified in the shopping cart?
You won't see shipping charges on checkout as Shipping and applicable tax fees varies from country to country so but you will receive a separate invoice for it. If you send us your city and zip code, we’ll send you landed cost estimates.
Can we use regular sheets for Cuddle Mattress?

Cuddle Mattress comes with special fitted sheet. It's made of stretch cotton which allows you to slide your arm in between the slats without any resistance.

If you use regular fitted sheets, you won't be able to use the slats and only take advantage of its comfort as a regular Memory-Gel foam mattress.



What type of foundation is needed for Cuddle Mattress?


Cuddle Mattress and Memory foam beds and mattresses in general must be placed on even surfaces at all times which is why slate and grid bed frames as well as waterbed frames are not recommended.

Bottom line, your Cuddle Mattress is only as good as your foundation. Not only that, but using the wrong foundation can void the warranty on your newly bought bed.If unable to buy a new foundation for your Cuddle Mattress, consider placing it directly on the floor (on top of mattress underlay) or make sure your old bed or foundation is completely flat by placing a large piece of plywood between it and the Cuddle Mattress. 

See the instructions here.

What is your return policy?
You can read about our return policy here.


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